I canceled the upper limit of Hunter rank (HR)

Clear the G3 urgent quest "The Drill, Er, Dragon That Pierces the Heavens", Because it became Hunter rank (HR) 12, For a while strengthen armor and weapon strengthening, Cleared the "Crawling Castle Crashers" of the G4 emergency quest for the first time. Hunter rank (HR) 149

As a flow,

  • I repeatedly hunted the Glavenus of G3 and made Glavenus X armor. However, it looks like a bad guy.
  • Hunting fierce Nargacuga repeatedly, strengthening the long swords weapon, not use skill of master. I further strengthened the armor by hunting.
  • With Nargacuga weapons and armor, with Negate Bind skill, clear "Crawling Castle Crashers".

When you cancel the upper limit of Hunter rank, G4 's ferocious quest is added.
It is tremendously strong and has physical strength.
I tried a quest of fierce Deviljho with the weapons and armor of Nargacuga three times, but failed at time over.
It seems that the attack power is insufficient with the avoidance priority skill configuration.

Right now, I am practicing Bushidoo style, creating and strengthening Atralka armor, strengthening attribute weapons.
Hunter rank (HR) goes up steadily in the battle of G class quest.
It has already exceeded Hunter Rank (HR) 180.


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