I is a collection of material of sword weapon created

Overseas, Game Monster Hunter XX is not released, but it is written as an article.

This time, the weapon sword in the main. For this reason, it has been attracting material in weapons created.
It was the strengthening of the slash Ax. For this reason, the key material is not.

I finally, we strengthened the Naruga sword "Bidun saber" Lv4 (attack force 160, satisfaction rate of 40%) up to.
To Lv5 will need a "Dairyu crystal".I need to hunt the Akamu / Ukamu monster.
Still, the quest of the Akamu / Ukamu is not displayed.

And, "sword to measure the uncivilized" (attack force 180, satisfaction rate of 15%) have had make.

Remain in the lower quest of the village of (listed) is less than or equal to.

  • Advanced: The Field's a Stage
  • Advanced: The Golden Pair
  • Advanced: Out of the Fry Pan
  • Victory song of the Four Heavenly Kings
  • The last invitation
  • Those who eating the demise

Since I have also remembered the operation of the game, but went to the quest of the "The Golden Pair" and "Out of the Fry Pan", it has been Eliminated.
Two monsters of the quest is not good.

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