Quest Clear Status of Monster Hunter XX


The remaining quest of the village lower rank Lv 6

I tried the quest "Out of the Fry Pan" again, but it is Honorable death.

  • Advanced: The Field's a Stage
  • Advanced: The Golden Pair
  • Advanced: Out of the Fry Pan

High level quest of village

  • Lv 7 clear
  • Lv 8 clear
  • Lv 9 clear
  • Lv 10 Not cleared
    Advancing the quest of the guild, strengthening the attribute weapon.

High Level quest of the guild

  • Lv 4, Lv 5 clear
  • Lv 6 Multiple monster quests are left.
  • Lv 7 Cleared key quests mainly.
    A request for an emergency quest "Hellfire Star" occurred.

It is getting harder to clear quests by myself soon.

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