Became a Hunter Rank (HR) 11 ♪


I tried the G2 urgent quests "Assault of the Bigly Dragon" 5 times, cleared it at last.

Because use facility weapons, the skill "Artillery Expert" seems to be the most effective.

Quest Clear Status of Monster Hunter XX (2)

Excluding cat's quest

Village lower quest (Lv 1 - 6) clear

High level quest of village

  • Lv 7 - 9 clear
  • Lv 10 Alatreon quest clear.
    High difficulty 5 quests(displayed quest) occurred.

High Level quest of the guild

  • Lv 4 - 6 clear
  • Lv 7
    20 remaining quests(displayed quest).

G-rank quest of the guild

  • Lv G1 clear
  • Lv G2 clear

G-rank ferocious monster is extremely strong.

Current weapons and armor

I hunted the G3 Monster Glavenus and made the Glavenus X armor.



Now, since I can only change the appearance of head equipment, I am changing the look to Moofah.

Skill composition with a Long Sword

  • Sharpness +2
  • Heavy Polish
  • Evasion +1
  • Mushromancer
  • Divine Blessing

Skill composition with a Switch Axe

  • Sharpness +2
  • Heavy Polish
  • Evasion +1
  • Mushromancer
  • Airborne

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